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More than anything else, Jackson Prep is a school that passionately pursues academic excellence…it is what we do best. With your first step on our campus, you will sense something different about Jackson Prep. Our students demonstrate it. Our parents support it. Our faculty and staff instill it. Our alumni testify to it. It is an expectation of excellence in all that we do. Over the years, this expectation has developed into a tradition unmatched by any other school in the state.

Jackson Prep is unique in that students come from elementary and middle schools throughout the greater Jackson area. When you consider the variety of individuals who compose Jackson Prep, it is not surprising that our students’ talents and intellectual strengths are as diverse as their personalities. Because we are a community of learners, we value the academic abilities of each student, and we focus all of our resources to nurture each one’s special interests.

We invite you to learn more about Jackson Prep. No matter which elementary or middle school your child has attended, when it comes to preparation for college, Jackson Prep sets the standard for school excellence (PreK-3 through grade 12). After all, “preparatory” is in our is what we do best!

Mission Statement

Jackson Preparatory School inspires and challenges students toward academic, athletic and artistic excellence, instills personal integrity through biblical values, and equips students to pursue lives of distinction in service to society.

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  • Mission Statement

    Jackson Preparatory School inspires and challenges students toward academic, athletic and artistic excellence, instills personal integrity through biblical values, and equips students to pursue lives of distinction in service to society.
  • School Philosophy

    Jackson Preparatory School seeks to provide excellence in education in an atmosphere conducive to the intellectual, cultural, social, spiritual, and physical development of its students. The school recognizes the needs of our times and accepts the challenge to develop each student's potential to the greatest extent possible.

    Jackson Preparatory School strives to be a school where learning and character are nourished; where teachers and students are valued as individuals; where differences are respected and talents are nurtured; where success and honest effort are recognized and failures become instructive; where judgments are tempered with compassion and achievements with humility; where education is not an end in itself but a means to the individual's fulfillment as a contributing member of the world community.
  • School Profile

    Click here to download the 2023-24 Jackson Prep School Profile.
  • Statement of Diversity

    Respect and understanding of differences are necessary parts of preparation for life in today's complex world. To achieve the broader educational goal of preparing students to participate in the world community, Prep is committed to diversity in race, color and national origin in the student body, faculty and programs.
  • Faculty

    The Prep faculty is comprised of 85 dedicated and experienced
    professionals, including 49 (56%) who have earned postgraduate
  • Scholarships and Awards

    In recent years, Prep students have earned many scholarships and awards including the QuestBridge Scholarship, Presidential Scholars Award, Principal’s Leadership Scholarship, Robert Byrd Scholarship, Intel Talent Search Scholarship, National Merit Corporation Scholarship, Coca-Cola Scholarship, and numerous academic and leadership awards from individual colleges and universities. Members of the Class of 2023 were offered scholarships totaling $9.4 million and accepted $4.6 million in merit-based scholarships. Prep teams routinely win quiz bowl matches, math and science tournaments, literary contests, mock trial competitions, debate tournaments, and many other academic competitions.
  • Student Life

    Prep students have many opportunities to develop physically, socially, and emotionally through participation in a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The student government association, debate team, student publications, service clubs, academic honorary societies, band, choir, spirit teams, visual arts classes and exhibits, drama and musical theater productions, and special interest clubs are representative examples of the co-curricular activities available to students.

    Prep enjoys statewide and regional recognition for its competitive athletic programs. Varsity teams compete in Class AAAA of the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools. Prep also competes against schools from outside this association and from other states and regions. Prep teams have won championships in football, basketball, baseball, track, cross country, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, and golf. Since 1970, over 200 Prep graduates have participated in collegiate athletics.
  • Facilities

    Jackson Prep's 84-acre campus is home to an impressive complex of flexible educational facilities. The Junior High includes academic classrooms, science labs, wireless internet throughout the building and a computer center with internet-connected work stations. The Senior High includes academic classrooms, wireless internet throughout the building and a world languages lab. The Senior High is also home to the Design Center and Fab Lab, where students work with equipment that enhances their experiences in science, technology, engineering, art and math. Two collaboration rooms with state-of-the-art technology provide a place for cooperative learning. The Hub provides a place for students to work, print and charge their devices for use throughout the school day. The Guyton Science Center houses six state-of-the-art science classrooms with laboratories and the Lyceum, a 200-seat lecture/meeting facility. Sixth grade classrooms are located in the Junior High building.
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  • Asbestos Notice

    As part of an annual notification, we are informing all persons of their option of reviewing the Asbestos Management Plan, which would include documentation of any asbestos-containing materials at the school. To provide continuing management of the asbestos in our school, all asbestos-containing materials (ACM) are inspected every six months by an engineering firm from Jackson, MS. Any changes in the ACM are being recorded in a surveillance report as part of the Asbestos Management Plan. A copy of the surveillance report, along with a copy of the Asbestos Management Plan, is located in the Business Office. Any interested party should feel free to come to this office and review these reports.
An independent, coeducational day school serving preschool through grade twelve.