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Get to know us!

More than anything else, Jackson Prep is a school that passionately pursues academic excellence…it is what we do best. With your first step on our campus, you will sense something different about Jackson Prep. Our students demonstrate it. Our parents support it. Our faculty and staff instill it. Our alumni testify to it. It is an expectation of excellence in all that we do. Over the years, this expectation has developed into a tradition unmatched by any other school in the state.

Jackson Prep is unique in that students come from elementary and middle schools throughout the greater Jackson area. When you consider the variety of individuals who compose Jackson Prep, it is not surprising that our students’ talents and intellectual strengths are as diverse as their personalities. Because we are a community of learners, we value the academic abilities of each student, and we focus all of our resources to nurture each one’s special interests.

We invite you to learn more about Jackson Prep. No matter which elementary or middle school your child has attended, when it comes to preparation for college, Jackson Prep sets the standard for school excellence (PreK-3 through grade 12). After all, “preparatory” is in our is what we do best!