The Board of Trustees of Jackson Preparatory School Foundation, Inc. is comprised of at least 15 and not more than 22 individuals selected by a Committee on Trustees who have solicited recommendations from the members of the Foundation, which includes every parent or guardian of a child enrolled as a student at Jackson Prep. The board meets seven times a year to manage the affairs of the corporation. The Foundation’s Executive Committee, composed of the officers of the corporation and the immediate past president of the corporation, usually meets 10 times a year. It serves as a board management unit, annually reviewing the strategic or long-range plan, determining the annual board agenda, developing committee structure/function, and selecting committee leadership.

2021-2022 Board of Trustees

Top Row: Will Walker (President), Tony Huffman (Vice President), Mary Elizabeth Upton (Vice President), Joe Stradinger (Secretary), Marcelo Eduardo (Treasurer), John D. Davis (Ex-officio)
Second Row: David Andress, Jim Coggin, Jr., J. Ligon Duncan III, Jayda Bogan-Fountain, Chris Maddux,
Third Row: Ashley Meena, Mack Mitchell,  Amanda Puckett, Terrence Shirley, Mary B. Taylor
Fourth Row: Frankie Smith Thomas, Heather Vise, Kelley Williams, Jr., Dudley D. Wooley,   
An independent, coeducational day school serving grades five through twelve