Tuition & Fees for School Year 2021-2022

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  • Foundation Membership

    Membership in the Jackson Preparatory School Foundation is a prerequisite for enrollment.  Each family is required to hold one membership.  The membership is a one-time, non-refundable expense per family and covers all children in the family eligible to attend Jackson Prep.

    Grade 6: $1500
    Grade 7-12: $1500
  • Enrollment Fee Per Student

    Paid yearly. Discounted fee due by January 31.  After February 1, fee increases monthly

    Grade 6-12: $725-945
  • Annual Tuition

    Due June 10

    Grade 6-7: $12,120
    Grade 8-12: $15,573
  • Semiannual Tuition

    Due June 10 and December 10

    Grade 6-7: $6,060
    Grade 8-12: $7,786.50
  • Monthly Tuition

    12 payments drafted June 10 through May 10

    Grade 6-7: $1,010
    Grade 8-12: $1,297.75
  • Technology and Book Use Fee

    Books are leased at the beginning of the school year.  The book use fee will include workbooks and novels used during the school year.  Textbooks must be returned in good condition at the end of the school year to avoid additional charges.

    Grade 6-12: $350
  • Tuition Assistance: The Flexible Tuition Program

    Jackson Prep believes that qualified students who desire a Prep education should not be denied that opportunity because of economic hardship. Therefore, Prep has established the Flex Tuition Program to help families in need. Flex Tuition is awarded strictly on the basis of need. Jackson Prep does not award any athletic or academic merit scholarships.

    The Flex Tuition program requires that each family complete an online application to the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) in Princeton, NJ. This national independent school service provides a financial evaluation of the family’s resources. Based upon available funds, Prep attempts to meet the demonstrated need as reported by School and Student Service for Financial Aid.

    Decisions on admission and tuition assistance are separate. Regardless of financial need, parents should proceed with the admission process as soon as possible. School and Student Service for Financial Aid Forms are available to current recipients beginning in November and to new students upon acceptance. Applications for tuition assistance should be begun by February 1 and completed by March 1 of each year of enrollment.

    For further tuition assistance information and to begin the analysis process, visit the School Scholarship Services website. For questions regarding the process of tuition assistance, email or contact Samantha Bowling at (601) 939-8611 ext. 251.  

    Click here to download the Flex Tuition Program Brochure.

    Jackson Preparatory School admits students of any race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin.
  • Tuition Remission Exchange and Scholarship Program

    Jackson Prep offers a tuition remission exchange and scholarship program with Belhaven University, Millsaps College, and Mississippi College.
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  • The Mississippi Affordable College Savings Program

    Click here for more information on how The Mississippi Affordable College Savings Program (MACS) might be used to help fund your student's secondary education.
  • Additional Expenses

    Additional expenses vary by student schedules and personal preferences.  These include school supplies, lab fees, uniforms and meals at school.  Participation in some optional school activities requires specialized clothing, equipment, and some travel expenses.
Jackson Prep is pleased to announce a strategic tuition plan to meet the needs of current families and incoming families during formidable times.

The Jackson Prep Board of Trustees is tasked annually with evaluating tuition. There are exciting changes to the 2021-2022 school year tuition structure. The Board of Trustees has established that grades 8 through 12 will not have a tuition increase for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Board President John Davis stated, “The challenges of 2020 have impacted us all, and we are hopeful that keeping our tuition at its current level will benefit all our families.”

For grades 6 and 7—Jackson Prep’s main entry grades—Prep is lowering tuition significantly for the 2021-2022 school year. The adjustment in tuition for our entry level grades will assist in affordability challenges and is supported by our endowment growth initiatives. 

Families looking for quality education often look at the independent school setting.  Independent schools offer definite benefits:  smaller classes, excellent teaching, close student-teacher relationships, and a sense of family involvement.  Such a quality education requires commitment from the school, the students, and the parents.  The comparative value of a Prep education is widely acknowledged to be unsurpassed.

The Board of Trustees sets the tuition for each school year.   

The Foundation Membership Fee and the Enrollment Fee must accompany the Enrollment Contract, due February 1.  Tuition is due beginning each year on June 10.

More Information

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  • Non Discriminatory Policy

    Jackson Preparatory School does not discriminate with regard to student admissions on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, disability, national or ethnic origin.  Jackson Preparatory School is committed to nondiscrimination in the administration of its educational policies, tuition assistance programs, athletic programs, and other school-administered programs.


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