Foundations of Christianity

The Christian Studies Program aims to educate students on the intellectual foundations of Christianity.
The purpose of the program is twofold: to provide an academically rigorous course of study for any student interested in the history, development and influence of the Christian faith in society and, although not devotional in orientation, to provide a program that complements the development of faith that may occur in an individual’s family and church. The program will offer courses on the Bible, church history and theology, the interplay between Christianity and culture over the last two millennia, and Christian responses to issues of modern society. As with all programs at Jackson Prep, the Christian Studies Program is guided by the school’s mission to instill personal integrity through biblical values and equip students to pursue lives of distinction in service to society.

Recognition of Christian Studies Program Graduates

Students will be recognized as having completed the Christian Studies Program if they have received three full credits. One of these credits can be completed by taking one of the following courses: Ancient Cultures or Greek. The courses within the program are open to all Prep students, even if they do not plan to receive the Christian Studies honor cord and diploma seal.
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