Education Abroad

The Classical Heritage program offers students the opportunity to focus a portion of their education on the literature, languages, and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome.
By combining a thorough training in the classical languages with a broad study of Greco-Roman culture, this program gives students the critical tools and intellectual background necessary to engage the major ideas that have shaped the development of Western civilization. The benefits of this program include an understanding of the cultural and philosophical foundations of Western civilization, improved logical and analytical skills, greater clarity and persuasiveness in writing and speaking, historical perspective on contemporary issues, and excellent preparation for a liberal arts university education. Jackson Prep is the only school in Mississippi that provides students the unique opportunity to earn a diploma with an emphasis in Classical Studies.

Recognition of Classical Heritage Program Graduates

In order to earn a diploma with emphasis in Classical Studies, a student must take a minimum of six courses in the Classical Heritage Program. Students are required to take at least one course from each of the three categories (Latin, Greek, and Classical civilization).
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