All Prep students can learn and achieve!

However, within the Prep academic arena, students bring with them different aptitudes, strengths, weaknesses and needs. The Support Services Department provides a variety of services for Prep students and parents purposed to help students maximize their intellectual abilities within the classroom.

Services Offered

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  • Faculty

    Allyn Ray is the Director of Support Services at Jackson Prep.  In addition, she serves as the school psychometrist. She has taught at Prep for over 30 years, beginning as a classroom teacher of English and different science courses.  Mrs. Ray joined the Resource Program in 1987 and became the Director of Support Services in 1999. Mrs. Ray is Prep graduate and holds a B.A. from Millsaps and an M.Ed. in School Psychometry from Mississippi College.

  • Resource Program

    The Resource study class provides homework assistance and supplemental classroom instruction and reinforcement to students in grades 7-11, who qualify, based on Prep’s interpretation of psychoeducational testing results. All students who participate in the Resource Program must be in the Resource Study.

    Resource English and math classes begin in the 8th grade. The classes are smaller and are composed of Resource students only. Material covered in these classes is consistent with material covered in College Prep classes; methods of instruction, however, may vary. Grading is consistent with grading in College Prep classes. Resource English classes are available grades 8-10.  Resource math classes are available grades 8-12.
  • Individual Testing Services

    Jackson Prep provides individual psychoeducational testing, performed by its staff psychometrist. Interpretation of test results from private clinicians is also available.
  • Counseling Services

    Counseling services are available to Resource students and their parents, as well as any Prep student who has received testing services, has a service plan, or needs guidance in dealing with academic obstacles.
  • Accomodations

    • Service Plan – A service plan is a formal plan designed for any student with a disability based on a psychoeducational assessment and/or medical evaluation report. The plan is placed on file in the Support Services office. Extended time for test taking is offered to students with a documented disability who request a service plan. If requests are made for accommodations other than extended time for test taking, those requests will be considered on a case by case basis. Test results from a qualified clinician will be reviewed to determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations. A determination will be made as to the school’s ability to provide the reasonable and appropriate accommodations.
    • Extended Testing Time on PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP exams – Allyn Ray facilitates the petitioning for extended testing time on PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP exams. A student must have a service plan and current test results (no more than 3 years old) documenting the need for extended testing time before he or she can petition. The test companies determine whether or not a student receives extended testing time.


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  • Photo of Allyn Ray

    Allyn Ray 

    Director of Support Services & School Psychometrist
  • Photo of Leslie Buckley

    Leslie Buckley 

    Director of Dyslexia Services
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