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New Home | Same Heart

Meadowbrook Preschool is proud to announce its new partnership with Jackson Preparatory School beginning August 2024.  For information, call 601.362.5083 or email

Registration is now open for the 2024-2025 School Year

Current Meadowbrook Preschool and Jackson Prep families will be offered priority registration at the new preschool. Parents interested in sending their rising PreK-3s and PreK-4s to Jackson Prep Lower School (JPLS) will also be provided with priority registration there.

At the Meadowbrook Preschool, we are committed to the spiritual, social, physical and emotional nurturing of each child. We believe that children learn with their whole bodies by discovering the world around them. We are committed to low student-teacher ratio and encourage parental involvement. Above all, we view each child as a unique gift from God and seek to teach strong Christian principles as well as to provide a solid academic foundation.

Our preschool is state licensed and serves ages six months to 2 years.

Our Mother’s Morning Out program is offered to children ages 6 months to 24 months of age. The program is available for 5 days (M-F), 3 days (MWF) or 2 days (TTh). In our MMO program we focus on learning through play and accommodating each child’s individual needs. To focus on gross motor skills, our youngest students participate in daily music classes and enjoy play time on our playground or in our facility’s Family Center.

Our 2 year old program focuses on learning through play along with following directions, learning to share and playing well with friends. Fine and gross motor skills are developed through imaginative play, story time, art projects and daily music classes. Mastering basic colors, numbers and shapes using a variety of art projects and manipulative rounds out our 2 year old curriculum and makes for a year of fundamental growing and learning. This program is offered 5 days (M-F), 3 days (MWF) or 2 days (TTh).

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