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Jackson Prep Middle School

Every Middle School Should Be This Good

The transition from childhood to adolescence presents well-known changes and challenges. At Jackson Prep Middle School, we embrace the unique educational experience our students in Grades 5 through 8 will encounter. Our primary goal is to support our students as they navigate this critical stage of their lives. From the continuation of our vertically integrated curriculum to the steadfast guidance of our faculty and staff, Jackson Prep Middle School encourages our students to engage in opportunities that strengthen their unique talents and interests. They are introduced to accelerated academics, competitive athletics, numerous extracurricular activities, group Bible studies, and leadership development.

Choosing an independent school for your child’s education can be a stepping stone to your student’s success. Independent schools offer definite benefits: smaller classes, excellent teaching, close student-teacher relationships, and a sense of family involvement. A commitment is required from the school, the students, and the parents. The comparative value of a Prep education is widely acknowledged to be unsurpassed. Your investment in Jackson Prep is quite simply an investment in your child’s future. 

At Jackson Prep Middle School, we welcome curiosity, expect active classroom participation, and set high standards. More than anything else, we are a school that passionately pursues academic, artistic, and athletic  excellence…it is what we do best. When you first step onto our beautiful campus,  you will sense something different about Jackson Prep. Our students demonstrate it. Our parents support it. Our faculty and staff instill it. Our alumni testify to it. It is an expectation of excellence in all that we do, and it is unmatched by any other school in the state.

We invite you to learn more about Jackson Prep Middle School and schedule a personal tour or shadow visit today. Whether you are coming from Jackson Prep Lower School or joining our family from another school, when it comes to preparation for high school and beyond, Jackson Prep sets the standard for Middle School excellence. When entering the next stage of their education, our students are ready.

School Philosophy

Jackson Preparatory School seeks to provide excellence in education in an atmosphere conducive to the intellectual, cultural, social, spiritual, and physical development of its students. The school recognizes the needs of our times and accepts the challenge to develop each student's potential to the greatest extent possible.

Jackson Preparatory School strives to be a school where learning and character are nourished; where teachers and students are valued as individuals; where differences are respected and talents are nurtured; where success and honest effort are recognized and failures become instructive; where judgments are tempered with compassion and achievements with humility; where education is not an end in itself, but a means to the individual's fulfillment as a contributing member of the world community.

Middle School Experience

We invite you to learn more about Jackson Prep. No matter which elementary or middle school your child has attended, when it comes to preparation for college, Jackson Prep sets the standard for school excellence (PreK-3 through Grade 12). After all, “preparatory” is in our name.