Make the most of an uncertain summer - accelerate your academic plan by PREParing for the fall semester, taking one of your core credits, or exploring your creativity with one of the several elective offerings. Experience all that Prep has to offer academically and artistically with gifted teachers who have led the way these past seven weeks with dynamic, interactive remote learning.
For Summer School 2020, students in grades six through twelve will be able to take classes that will be a mix of learning environments–from remote learning to in-person classroom experiences–this hybrid mix is bringing together the best tools in the educational toolbox and experienced, gifted teachers. Students will be engaged with amazing Prep faculty who will guide, teach, and prepare them for the next level of learning. We’ve opened up many of our classes to students from other schools...not just to traditionally enrolled Prep students.

For current Jackson Prep students, all new credit work must be earned through Jackson Prep. Repeat credits are limited to three credits earned off-campus toward graduation. No more than two repeat credits may be earned in any one summer. Off-campus coursework must be approved by the Head of the Senior High. Students who fail a course must see their counselor to sign up for remediation or credit recovery.

JACKSON PREP STUDENTS: click here to register for summer school and click here for a list of available summer school classes.

SUMMER SCHOOL ONLY STUDENTS: click here for the Summer School Application.  Scroll down for a list of available courses.
1/2 Credit Courses 
First semester June 1 - June 19
Second semester June 22 - July 10
Tuition & Book Fee $388
1 Credit Courses 
June 1-July 10
Tuition & Book Fee $775

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In light of the recent disruption to the 2020 school year, Jackson Prep is offering a targeted approach to preparing students for the fall semester.

Students will work with teachers in math, grammar, composition, and reading comprehension in a non-credit course to ensure that your child has the content and skills necessary to seamlessly progress to the next grade level no matter what school they are attending in the Fall. 

PREParing courses are available for rising 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th graders.

Classes may be remote, in person, or in some hybrid form; therefore, a computer with a camera, microphone, and internet access is required for all classes.   

Classes may be remote, in person, or in some hybrid form; therefore, a computer with a camera, microphone, and internet access is required for all classes.  

Please register by Wednesday, May 20.

Frequently Asked Question
If I am enrolled in another school, how can I make sure these credits transfer to my junior high/high school? 
When a student is accepted for summer school at Prep, an Approval to Earn Credit form will be emailed along with the contract. Students should take this form to their current school administrator for approval to ensure the credit will transfer. 

Will I be required to attend any classes on campus for Summer 2020?
Classes may be remote, in person, or in some hybrid form. We continue to monitor the recommendations of our state and local governments and make our plans accordingly. If we are able to meet in person, students will still have the ability to join the class meeting via remote access if they are unable to come to campus. 

Will uniforms be required for remote learning?
APPROPRIATE for REMOTE LEARNING (on camera): While broadcasting remotely, the dress code is as follows: no alcohol, bars, innuendos, or inappropriate words on shirts. No boys in sleeveless shirts or without shirts. For girls, no tube tops, spaghetti straps, bathing suits, or tank-tops. No midriffs showing.

DRESS CODE for CAMPUS LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: collared shirt for boys and shirts with sleeves (no midriffs, please) for girls. Jeans with no holes may be worn.  Shorts and skirts must be no shorter than 5 inches above the knee from the back of the knee crease. No tennis skirts. 

How many courses can I take at a time?
Students are encouraged to take one full credit or up to two half credit classes during the summer.  If a student wishes to take more than one full credit class, he or she must contact the Academic office at

How much does each course cost?
Six week courses cost $775.  These courses run from June 1-July 10.  Three week courses cost $388.  These courses may be held in either the first or second semester.  All book fees are included in the tuition fee. 

What technology is required?
Students are required to have a device with a keyboard, camera, speaker, and microphone, along with access to the internet and current virus protection. The requested requirements for your student’s laptop include 1) Single Band 5GHz Wi-Fi cards (preferred); or 2) Dual Band 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi Cards. 

How do I request my transcript and have it sent to my school?
Students may request a grade report or transcript by contacting the Academic Office at

I have questions that aren’t addressed here.  Who do I contact?
Parents or students may call the Senior High office at 601-939-8612for additional information.  Questions may also be emailed to Director of Academics, Carolyn Sisk at or Associate Director of Academics, Mary Kelly Branning at
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