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Technology @ Prep

Is it best for students?  
Is it needed to prepare students for the technologically sophisticated classroom they will enter upon graduation from Jackson Prep?

These are the simple, yet powerful, questions that shape Jackson Preparatory School's use of technology.

Over the years, the tools used to educate students have changed.  However, at Prep the commitment to appropriateness and preparedness continues to guide the school’s use of technology.  The dedication to equipping students with the necessary 21st Century skills is evident and evolving just as the industry itself is evolving at an ever rapid pace.  The teaching of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity is powerfully harnessed with the use of sophisticated technology tools.  

At Jackson Prep, while we employ state-of-the-art technology at all levels, our goal is not simply to display our technology, but is instead to present learning.  While it may seem the “magic” is the technology, it is not.  Jackson Prep teachers are effective in their useful integration of technology at every level while encouraging each student to harness the power of inquiry and innovation.  Come see learning at Jackson Prep!


Every great step into the future was driven by a vision of what could be.  Explorers and dreamers knew that although the future was uncertain and murky, it was inevitable.  When Neil Armstrong’s foot touched the moon’s surface, it was a step into the future that reflected the dreams, plans, trials, and errors of those who believed in the reality of that outcome.
While state-of-the-art technology is employed at all levels at Jackson Prep, the goal is to facilitate learning.  The “magic” is not the technology.  It is the enthusiastic engagement in learning.  Jackson Prep teachers select and utilize the best  technologies to engage each student’s power of inquiry and innovation. 
Across the Prep community excitement has spread.  Again this summer, faculty members have immersed themselves in technology exploration and training workshops; students have anticipated using personal devices at Prep, and administrators and parents have realized the communication opportunities that have been opened to them through technology. 
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