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Upper School

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Jackson Prep’s primary mission is to prepare students for college.

Therefore, the curriculum is challenging and broad, emphasizing a liberal arts and sciences education. The school year is divided into four nine-week reporting periods. A six-week summer session is offered for additional credit. Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors programs are offered in mathematics, science, English, social studies, world languages, and studio art. Classes meet on a rotating seven-period schedule. Because of the school’s selective admission policy and the strong competitive performance of its students, Jackson Prep does not rank students except for designation of valedictorian and salutatorian at graduation.  

My daughter loves Prep. She has never been this excited to come to school. She enjoys the active academic discussions, smaller class sizes, and personal interactions with her teachers and classmates. Coming from a public school setting, she has acclimated well and already made some good friends. We could not be happier to have chosen Prep for our child’s education.”

Our son is a second generation Prep student, but is having his own unique school experience. He loves that his schedule allows him to take college prep core classes along with subjects like Mythology, Robotics, and Latin! He is also learning how to play an instrument and looks forward to joining the varsity drumline in Upper School.” 

Building Skills for Success in College and Beyond

In the Upper School, the benefits of Jackson’s Prep unique teacher-student relationships reveal themselves in students capable of independent learning and exceptional achievement. In addition to honing scholastic skills and credentials, arts, athletics, and extracurricular activities allow Upper School students to explore individual interests and develop unique talents. Students benefit from a caring campus community that produces confident, accomplished scholars equipped and ready to succeed in any endeavors they pursue. Central to that experience is our exceptional college planning program.

With multiple options to choose from, our family is very satisfied with our decision to come to Jackson Prep. With children in the Lower, Middle, and Upper School, we have had the opportunity to experience all of the curriculums, the tiered approach to religion, and the wide variety of teachers and classes available to students. Each one of our kids is different and they have each found their place here at Prep. We love being part of the Prep family!”

Our Upper School faculty strives to further develop the foundation provided by our Lower and Middle Schools, and is committed to collaborative engagement and active participation in the classroom.

Our academically rigorous curriculum provides each student with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and lifelong skills that will prepare them for college and beyond.  At its core, our curriculum consists of preparing our students by teaching these essential skills: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, deductive reasoning, service learning, and application of knowledge.

This creates a synergistic understanding of all subjects and enhances the overall educational experience. This ensures that Jackson Prep graduates  are well equipped to enter college with the tools they need to succeed.

My grandson is following in my daughter’s footsteps as a second generation Prep student. He is carving his own path, and I am so pleased that my daughter chose to send her son to her alma mater after the positive experience she had at Prep. Choosing a Prep education was the best decision we made for our daughter as it led her to a full scholarship to college and a successful career. We hope for the same outcome for our precious grandson.” 


Advisory provides a fun, safe way to pursue interests around specific topics while faculty provide additional guidance in quality character formation, building relationships, and fostering leadership.

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We offer elective courses in theater, physical education, band, chorus, STEM, and the visual arts arts.

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World Languages

We provide multiple levels of French, Latin, or Spanish instruction to all Middle School grades, covering language acquisition and cultural awareness.

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