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Lower School

The Jackson Prep Lower School will nurture, inspire, and prepare children to reach their God-given potential through exploration, discovery, and excellent instruction while guiding them to become academically prepared, compassionate, upstanding members of the Jackson Prep family and beyond.

Middle & Upper School

Jackson Preparatory School inspires and challenges students toward academic, athletic, and artistic excellence, instills personal integrity through biblical values, and equips students to pursue lives of distinction in service to society.
    • Director of Admission

      Tracie Mallard | tmallard@jacksonprep.net | 601.932.8106, ext. 231

    • Head of Lower School

      Amanda Slack | aslack@jacksonprep.net | 601.932.8106, ext. 259

    • Director of International Program

      Jane Zhu | jzhu@jacksonprep.net | 601.932.8106, ext. 272

    • Admission Counselor

      Vicki King | vking@jacksonprep.net | 601.932.8106, ext. 261

Hear from Prep parents about the undeniable value of a Prep education in our video series: Prep Profiles. 

Prep Profile: Lynn & Tom McKinley

"...Prep provides a firm foundation in academics...EVERYONE is striving for these kids to excel..."

Prep Profile: Coach Wayne Brent

"...Prep had a lot to do with nurturing our son by putting him in lots of different situations and growing him not just as an athlete, but as a person..."

Prep Profile: Jayda & Wendell Fountain

"...the interests that the teachers show in her...when she goes off to college she can remember, 'I am built for this.'"

Prep Profile: Kelly & Jody Kennedy

"...when a teacher is passionate about what they do, it rubs off on your child, and lights a fire, and they...want to learn..."

Prep Profile: Chrysler & Chance Carter

"...we've seen all of our kids thrive–in their OWN way...even if their interests change over the years, there is always some way to get them plugged in (at Prep)..."

Prep Profile: Sapna & Veeresh Michael

"...we wanted a school that would nurture (our children) academically and help them grow as people individually..."

Enrollment Fees

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  • New Family Membership

    Membership in the Jackson Preparatory School Foundation is a prerequisite for enrollment.  Each family is required to hold one membership.  The membership is a one-time, non-refundable expense per family and covers all children in the family eligible to attend Jackson Prep | PreK-3 through Grade 12: $1500
  • Enrollment Fee

    Paid yearly. Discounted fee due by January 31.  After February 1, fee increases monthly.

    PreK-3 and PreK-4: $400
    Kindergarten - Grade 12: $725 per student
    • After February 1, the fee increases to $845.
    • After March 1, the fee increases another $20 each month.
  • Educational Tools Fee

    The Educational Tools fee covers a variety of tools used to enhance our students' educational experience, including books, consumables, technological infrastructure, devices, software subscriptions, and online textbooks. | PreK-3 through Grade 12: $350

Tuition Information

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  • Lower School Tuition

    Lower School tuition for the 2023-2024 school year
    • Annual Tuition, PreK-3 and PreK-4: $6,948
    • Annual Tuition, Kindergarten: $8,472
    • Annual Tuition, Grades 1-4: $9,950
    • Semiannual Tuition, PreK-3 and PreK-4: $3,474
    • Semiannual Tuition, Kindergarten: $4,236
    • Semiannual Tuition, Grades 1-4: $4,975
    • Monthly Tuition, PreK-3 and PreK-4: $579
    • Monthly Tuition, Kindergarten: $706
    • Monthly Tuition, Grades 1-4: $829.17
    • Lower School Dyslexia Services - $3,000
    Additional expenses vary by student schedules and personal preferences.  These include school supplies, lab fees, uniforms and meals at school.  Participation in some optional school activities requires specialized clothing, equipment, and some travel expenses.

    • Middle School Tuition

      Middle School Tuition for the 2023-2024 school year. 

      • Annual Tuition, Grade 5: $9,950
      • Annual Tuition, Grade 6-7: $12,813
      • Annual Tuition, Grade 8: $16,269
      • Semiannual Tuition, Grade 5: $4,975
      • Semiannual Tuition, Grade 6-7: $6,406.50
      • Semiannual Tuition, Grade 8: $8,134.50
      • Monthly Tuition, Grade 5: $829.17
      • Monthly Tuition, Grade 6-7: $1,067.75
      • Monthly Tuition, Grade 8: $1,355.75
      Additional expenses vary by student schedules and personal preferences.  These include school supplies, lab fees, uniforms and meals at school.  Participation in some optional school activities requires specialized clothing, equipment, and some travel expenses.
    • Upper School Tuition

      Upper School Tuition for the 2023-2024 school year. 

      • Annual Tuition, Grades 9-12: $16,269
      • Semiannual Tuition, Grades 9-12: $8134.50
      • Monthly Tuition, Grades 9-12: $1,335.75

      Additional expenses vary by student schedules and personal preferences.  These include school supplies, lab fees, uniforms and meals at school.  Participation in some optional school activities requires specialized clothing, equipment, and some travel expenses.

    Tuition Assistance

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    • Flex Tuition | Financial Aid

      Jackson Prep believes that qualified students who desire a Prep education should not be denied that opportunity because of economic hardship. Therefore, Prep has established the Flex Tuition Program to help families in need. Flex Tuition is awarded strictly on the basis of need. Jackson Prep does not award any athletic or academic merit scholarships.

      The Flex Tuition program requires that each family complete an online application to the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) in Princeton, NJ. This national independent school service provides a financial evaluation of the family’s resources. Based upon available funds, Prep attempts to meet the demonstrated need as reported by School and Student Service for Financial Aid.

      Decisions on admission and tuition assistance are separate. Regardless of financial need, parents should proceed with the admission process as soon as possible. School and Student Service for Financial Aid Forms are available to current recipients beginning in November and to new students upon acceptance. Applications for tuition assistance should be begun by February 1 and completed by March 1 of each year of enrollment.

      For further tuition assistance information and to begin the analysis process, visit the School Scholarship Services website. For questions regarding the process of tuition assistance, email flextuition@jacksonprep.net or contact Samantha Bowling at (601) 939-8611 ext. 251.  

      Click here to download the Flex Tuition Program Brochure.

      Jackson Preparatory School admits students of any race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin.
    • College Tuition Remission

      Jackson Prep offers a tuition remission exchange and scholarship program with Belhaven University, Millsaps College, and Mississippi College.
      Read More
    • MACS

      Click here for more information on how The Mississippi Affordable College Savings Program (MACS) might be used to help fund your student's secondary education.

    Lower School Dyslexia Services

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    • Lower School Dyslexia Services

      At Jackson Prep Lower School, we recognize each child is unique and develops at a different rate and pace. We firmly believe that if given the right opportunities and techniques as well as appropriate support, all students can be successful and see themselves as successful, lifelong learners. Our goal is to empower students diagnosed with dyslexia to become effective learners and confident self-advocates.

      This is accomplished through high quality, individualized instruction using the Alphabetic Phonics curriculum. Our licensed academic language therapists will create individualized, prescriptive lessons to meet the specific needs of each student using multi-sensory, systematic, explicit instruction. For more information on our dyslexia services, please contact Leslie Buckley at (601) 939-8613 ext. 239.

      Lower School Dyslexia Services: $3,000

    International Tuition and Fees

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    • International Tuition and Fees

      Tuition/Boarding/Tech Fee*
      Enrollment Fee
      International Students 1st Year
      Matriculation and Orientation
      Activities/Enrichment Fee**
      School Uniforms (actual charge incurred)***
      Student personal spending account
      (actual charge incurred)***

      Expenses related to any extracurricular activities, sports, school trips, school supplies, social events, etc. are the responsibility of the student’s family and are expected to be paid as needed.  These depend on the individual interests and talents of each student.

      Health Insurance is required for every international student. The student must show proof of current US health insurance for approval by the International Office.  

      *The Tuition and Fees are based on a 10 months period of the school year.

      **Activities/Enrichment Fee includes weekend activities and Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport transportation.

      ***Balance refundable on School Uniform Credit and Student personal spending account.

    Non Discriminatory Policy

    Jackson Preparatory School does not discriminate with regard to student admissions on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, disability, national or ethnic origin.  Jackson Preparatory School is committed to nondiscrimination in the administration of its educational policies, tuition assistance programs, athletic programs, and other school-administered programs.


    An independent, coeducational day school serving preschool through grade twelve.