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Jackson Prep Theatre Department

Prep’s Drama Department offers a balanced theatre arts program that provides students with the tools necessary to meet the high standards of a premier performing arts program.

Theatre courses emphasize artistic perception and creative expression. The curriculum promotes understanding of aesthetic valuing, historical and cultural perspectives, and the interconnections of the arts and other disciplines. Students will be trained in the fundamental skills of the theatre arts, including improvisation techniques, body control, voice, diction, pantomime, memorizing lines, creating characters, projection of ideas and emotions, as well as preparation for and acting of scenes from plays. Acting projects provide positive group experiences in collaborative assignments - developing self-discipline, evaluating the performances of others, and accepting constructive criticism. Instruction develops language skills and appreciation through reading dramatic literature; using written critiques; writing dramatic scenes; studying character analyses, play reports, and introductions; observing with sensitivity; listening critically; and speaking effectively.

Theatre Program