Athletic Booster Club

On behalf of the Jackson Prep Athletic Booster Club, I want to express our gratitude to each of the sponsors, advertisers, student families, members and fans that have helped us provide support to Jackson Prep’s athletic programs for the 2021-2022 seasons, as well as in years past.  The coaches and student athletes that have preceded us at Jackson Prep have established a tradition of excellence, both on and off the field.  Our mission is to maintain that legacy and to improve upon it wherever and however possible.  Fulfilling that mission would be impossible without your generosity. 

None of us could have expected the challenges that Covid-19 posed to our Jackson Prep community over the last year and a half, and it is a testament to the work of our athletic department and administration that we were largely able to find a way to permit our student athletes to compete, even when the circumstances were not ideal.  This year, with those challenges largely behind us, we are excited to return to full bleachers and the fellowship that comes with them.  It is our goal, every year, to have each family involved in athletics at Jackson Prep participate in the Booster Club.  If you are a parent, or grandparent, of an athlete, regardless of the sport, we hope you will consider joining the Booster Club at whatever participation level makes sense for your family.  The membership dues we raise in this manner help to purchase equipment, improve our facilities, and support our coaches across the spectrum of athletic and spirit teams that form a crucial part of the Jackson Prep experience for our students and their families.  We also ask for and greatly appreciate your gifts of time and talent in attending our athletic competitions, volunteering to work in the concession stands on campus, purchasing merchandise in the Patriot Shop, and supporting the terrific work done by our coaches.  For more information regarding Booster Club Membership, please contact Stacy Deas at 662-322-3779 or Spiller McLeod at 601-939-8577. 

One of the major projects the Booster Club undertakes each year is the production of this media guide, which provides detailed information to media outlets and the public about all of Prep’s athletic and spirit teams.  This guide could not have been produced without the tireless work of the Media Guide Co-Chairs, Rochelle Hicks and Allison Fisackerly, Senior Ad Chairman Julie Galloway, and Spiller McLeod, Will Crosby and Dallas Printing.  We sincerely appreciate the work they have done and are proud of the final product it produced.  Equally essential to the effort is the support we received from our advertisers, and we urge all members of the Prep Family to show them your appreciation by supporting the businesses and services represented in these pages. 

Our past president, York Craig, also deserves special thanks.  He provided all of us involved with the Booster Club with steady, thoughtful leadership over the last year under the most trying of circumstances.  This year’s leadership team, which, along with myself, includes Melissa Hederman as Vice President, Liz Mehrle as Treasurer, and Weston Russ as Treasurer Elect, hope only to display the same level of dedication and competence during the coming year.  

The ability to watch and listen to events remotely has become increasingly important, and Jackson Prep is fortunate to have a wealth of talent among our team of sports broadcasters and directors.  Bobby Gross is our program director, and produces our streamed sports broadcasts, which have never looked better.  Russ Robinson serves as the “Voice of the Patriots”, with John Andrew Griffin and Jon Marcus Duncan providing the best commentary and play-by-play action you will find anywhere every Friday night. Chris Saxton, Keith Head, Luke Abney and Barry Berch will be lending their talents to softball, volleyball, basketball and baseball live streaming.  Their dedication to making sure that our games are accessible to Patriot fans everywhere adds immeasurably to the experience of the Prep Family, and we are indebted to them for their efforts. 

Finally, it is impossible to overstate our appreciation of and respect for the coaches who help our students reach their potential as athletes and as individuals.  Our coaches are the backbone of our athletic program, and we all appreciate their dedication and their impact on the lives of our Prep students. 

We invite you to join us as we continue Jackson Prep’s tradition of excellence. 

See you at Prep!
Lawrence Deas
Jackson Prep Athletic Booster Club President

Booster Club Officers

LIZ MEHRLE, Treasurer
WESTON RUSS, Treasurer-Elect


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