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Who is Prep?

Since 1970 Jackson Prep has been a school that passionately pursues academic excellence…it is what we do best. Our students demonstrate it. Our parents support it. Our faculty and staff instill it. Our alumni testify to it. It is an expectation of excellence in all that we do. Over the years, this expectation has developed into a tradition unmatched by any other school in the state.
Because we are a community of learners, we value the academic abilities of each student, and we focus all of our resources to nurture each one’s special interests.

Where are we going?

With the completion of our fiftieth year, we are looking forward to the next fifty years at Jackson Prep, as we endeavor to embody our mission, which provides, “Jackson Preparatory School inspires and challenges students toward academic, athletic, and artistic excellence, instills personal integrity through biblical values, and equips students to pursue lives of distinction in service to society.” A critical part of achieving this mission is in our strategic planning. To that end, we engaged Ian Symmonds, a renowned thought leader in the area of strategic planning for educational institutions, to assist us in planning for the next five years at Jackson Prep. A strategic planning steering committee was formed, and this committee, despite COVID-19 and other disruptions, worked tirelessly, both internally and with outside work groups, to formulate an ambitious five-year strategic plan that promises to help Jackson Prep continue to reach its full potential in these challenging times. I want to take a moment to thank our committee for their dedication and hard work on behalf of Jackson Prep. 

We live in challenging and disruptive times, which can make strategic planning seem daunting. With Ian’s assistance, we discovered that disruption can serve as a critical catalyst for ascertaining who we currently are and where we want our school to be in the next five, ten, and even fifteen years. As a result, we have formulated a strategic plan that demands both innovation and growth over the coming years while remaining true to who we are as an institution. 

We have seven ambitious goals, which will challenge us and serve us well in the coming years. While achieving and implementing these goals will take hard work and sacrifice on the part of our administration, faculty, students, and families, the effort will result in a stronger and more sustainable institution for the next fifty years. 

This is Your Jackson Prep. 

  • Expand Our Educational Footprint

  • Foster A Spirit Of Innovation, Agility, And Creativity

  • Deepen And Enhance The Prep Experience
  • Ensure Best-In-Class Faculty And Staff
  • Broaden Our Affordability, Accessibility, And Financial Sustainability
  • Fortify Our Commitment To Diversity In Our Prep Community
  • Invest In Our Core Facilities

What can you do?

Jackson Prep is committed to sustainability of donations from past, present and future. As an independent school, we do not receive funding from state, federal or local governments. Our only sources of income are tuition, charitable gifts, investments and revenue from activities. We, as an independent school, must raise funds beyond tuition revenue to balance the budget and provide for the future growth of Jackson Prep and its programs.