Who is Prep?

Since 1970 Jackson Prep is a school that passionately pursues academic excellence…it is what we do best. Our students demonstrate it. Our parents support it. Our faculty and staff instill it. Our alumni testify to it. It is an expectation of excellence in all that we do. Over the years, this expectation has developed into a tradition unmatched by any other school in the state.

Because we are a community of learners, we value the academic abilities of each student, and we focus all of our resources to nurture each one’s special interests.

Where are we going?

The establishment of Jackson Preparatory School Foundation in 1995 has allowed Prep to raise funds to assist with operational costs and capital expenditures without drastic increases in tuition to cover these necessary expenses and is probably the key to Prep’s stable enrollment even in tough economic times.

As Prep continues to strive to set the standard for secondary school excellence we have developed a strategic plan focusing on five key areas that your financial support will allow us to move forward in completing.
  • Diversity and to Grow our Global Leadership Institute Platform and Efforts
  • Create a More Diverse and Externally Connected Jackson Prep
  • Develop a Culture of Continuous Innovation
  • Enhance and Integrate our Excellent Academic and Co-Curricular Program
  • Enhance our Financial Sustainability

What can you do?

Jackson Prep is committed to sustainability of donations from past, present and future. As an independent school, we do not receive funding from state, federal or local governments. Our only sources of income are tuition, charitable gifts, investments and revenue from activities. We, as an independent school, must raise funds beyond tuition revenue to balance the budget and provide for the future growth of Jackson Prep and its programs.
An independent, coeducational day school serving grades six through twelve