Ireland's culture, geography and history been capturing imaginations and inspiring writers for centuries. Jackson Prep students will get to walk in the footsteps of giants like Jonathan Swift and James Joyce as they explore elegant Georgian squares and bustling streets. Traveling along the Wild Atlantic Way, discover the Ring of Kerry and the Cliffs of Moher, taking in the rugged beauty with all their senses.

Drama and Literature Study on the Emerald Isle

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Student Blog and Reflections

Ireland: Day 8: Aubrey Taylor
The last day of the trip was one of the best so far! We started off the day by visiting the James Joyce centre to learn more about his advances in literature. It was very interesting to see how he created such wonderful stories with such few resources and means to live. After touring that building, we walked through the gorgeous streets of Dublin until we reached the National Museum. Inside, there were prehistoric bodies that had been preserved in bog, a type of plant growth that has little oxygen. I could still see the hair, teeth, skin, and other minuscule bodily details on people who were from the times around the same era as the Bronze Age! We were then given some free time to eat and shop, so my group went to many vintage and antique stores, where we bought old poetry books and other relics. Upon meeting up with the rest of the group at the spire in the center of Dublin, we walked to the Abbey Theater, where we were given a backstage tour of the play we would see later on that night. That was one of the highlights of the trip by far! We learned all of the secrets of the theater and the particularity it takes to make a play perfect. After eating dinner, we headed to the theater once more and watched the fabulous production of "The Unmanageable Sisters", which circled around the struggles of women who want to make a difference, follow their dreams, and achieve greatness in a harsh society. Our lovely trip to "The Emerald Isle" definitely ended in the most perfect way imaginable and I can speak for everyone when I say that I never want to leave! 
Ireland: Day 7 Belle Grace Wilkinson
Our Saturday adventures were definitely some of the best so far. We started off the day by taking a ride on a horse drawn carriage through a lovely park. After, we hopped on the bus and went around the Ring of Kerry. The mountains there were breathtaking. One of the most beautiful places we saw was Ladies View, which was named after the ladies in waiting for Queen Victoria. The sights we saw today were unforgettable. 

Ireland: Day 6 -Phoebe Carlton
The first thing we did today was go on a carriage ride. The carriage rider cracked jokes and sang songs for us as we passed by lakes and mountains. Next thing we did was start our trip around the Ring of Kerry, which is series of beautiful or historic stops along the Kerry peninsula. The first stop was to the Kerry bog village museum where they had some cute dogs and facts about the potato famine. The next stop was to look at the bay of Dingle, which was a scenic stop. Next, we went to a ring fortress where they used to keep cattle and people when a village was under attack. After that, we ate lunch at a hotel restaurant in a quaint village. Next, we saw what is called a famine village through the window. famine villages are little settlements that were abandoned during the famine that the government decided to leave there as reminders. The next stop was at ladies view, which is so pretty it's usually what's on postcards. Our last stop was at the Torc waterfall which was small but beautiful. During the times we were just riding on the bus our tour guide Becky told us a lot about Irelands history and land formations.

Ireland: Day 5-Jack Gatlin
Today was a particularly exciting day in Ireland, as we left Galway and started towards the Burrens, a rocky region of Ireland. As we arrived in the burrens we stopped to visit an ancient, 6000-year-old burial site, which was amazing. After that, we headed to cliffs that hung over the Atlantic ocean, which was used to film in harry potter and the half blood prince.
Towards the end of the day, we drove to bunratty castle and had the chance to see a 14th-century medieval Irish castle. Once we departed from the castle, we had an hour and a half drive to killantery. Where we are staying the night. Very excited for tomorrow! -Jack Gatlin

Ireland: Day 4--Abigail Metcalf
Today we visited the Burren, which means place of stone. As the name implies, it was very rocky. While there, we visited a Neolithic dolmen that has been there for thousands of years. Then, we went on to the Cliffs of Moher. They were massive cliffs that were amazing to look at. It was so windy at the cliffs that even the birds had trouble flying. After that, we visited the Bunratty Castle where we could tour the castle and walk through a replica of a medieval village. Finally, we drove to Killarney where we stayed for the night. 

Ireland: Day 3-  Mary Virginia Baldwin
On our third day, most of our day consisted of a three-hour drive to Galway. We made a few stops for food, photos, and visited a marble mine all in time to make it to town for a late lunch. At the marble mine we were shown the rare, green Calamari marble only found in Ireland. While in town, everyone enjoyed their time buying souvenirs, shopping, and experiencing the small town vibe that Galway gives off. To sum it up it was another beautiful day in Ireland!

Ireland: Day 1- -Amanda Roberts

We have had a great time today. We headed to St. Patrick's Cathedral, which was beautiful. Then we went to a park, and we saw deer all around in the park. The deer were not scared at all when people came close to them. The park had a wonderful view of the mountains as well. We then went to Trinity College to see the Book Of Kells, which is one of the oldest versions of the Bible and it is written in Latin. We also saw the Long Room there and it is this breathtaking library that is unlike anything I've ever seen. We got to learn some Irish dances, which we all had a good laugh at because none of us were the best at River-dancing. We finished our day walking the Temple Bar with all of its fun shops and people. 

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