Jackson Preparatory School has a voluntary Community Service program. The service rendered is not required for graduation. However, significant student service in our local metropolitan Jackson area is recognized at Class Days and Honors Forums each Spring and is included in their upper school resume.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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  • What is the deadline for submitting hours?

    It is best to submit hours as they are accumulated.  The deadline for submitting hours is Friday, April 15, 2022.
  • Examples of Acceptable In-School Service Hours

    • Theater usher and concessions
    • Game concessions
    • College Fair
    • Class Day and graduation greeters
    • Track meet helper
    • Trail clearing and work for cross country
    • Teacher classroom assistance
    • Faculty supervised tutoring of other students
    • General campus clean up and grooming if community service designated and supervised.
    • Maintenance and cleaning of auditorium for production
    • Prep camp helper (if not compensated) when cleared with Director of Community Service

    For more complete information, see the complete "Guidelines for Community Service
  • Examples of Not Acceptable In-School Service Hours

    • Set crew, manager of sports team
    • Speaking to a group of students as a representative of a club or activity
    • Playing/entertaining for coffee houses
    • Playing/entertaining for Prep’s Got Talent
    • Playing/entertaining for Precis Pageant
    • Prep camp helper when compensated

    *Other opportunities may arise.  Check with director of community service, Kelly Headley, for approval before performing work.  

    For more complete information, see the complete "Guidelines for Community Service

  • Recording Service

    Students in grades 9-12: community service hours will be recorded via the x2vol.com website.  

    Students in grades 6-8 record service on Community Service Logs and submit them on assigned dates. Community Service Activity Logs are located on the Community Service page in the right column. Click on the link to retrieve a printable log. This year, the logs are due on April 15. Logs are submitted to the Middle School Office for grades 6-8.
  • Guidelines for Community Service

    All hours must be documented.  No hours may be verified by a parent. Students may obtain hours through work done for agencies which are non-profit and outreach in nature. Students must do all activities through an organized agency for accountability and protection purposes. Places to serve may have age limits. Please check with Kelly Headley, Director of Community Service, if there are questions. Below are some suggested examples of agencies Prep students have served in the past. This is not an exhaustive list.
    • Big Brothers Big Sisters
    • Boys and Girls Club
    • Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital
    • University of Mississippi Medical Center
    • Mississippi Museum of Art
    • Mississippi Children's Museum
    • Mississippi Blood Services
    • TOPS Soccer
    • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
    • Peyton's Place of Neighborhood Christian Center
    • Neighborhood Christian Center
    • Red Cross
    • Salvation Army
    • Stewpot
    • Gateway Rescue Center
    • Natural Science Museum
    • Mississippi Craft Center
    • Mississippi Veteran's Home
    • Lakeland Nursing Home
    • Saint Catherine's Village
    • Buford  Yerger Nursing Home
    • Mississippi Food Network
    • The Mustard Seed
    • Lantern Medical Clinic
    • American Heart Association
    • American Cancer Society
    • Ronald McDonald House
    • The Little Lighthouse
    • Mississippi Sports Museum
    • Youth Villages
  • Hours Needed for Recognition

    At the close of each school year, community service awards are given in recognition of the student's work.  The final decision for award levels and work allowed for these levels rests with the Director of Community Service. Levels are as follows:
    Upper School (10 - 12)Middle School (7 - 9)Certificate Level
    30-59  hours20-29 hoursBronze Award
    60-99  hours30-49  hoursSilver Award
    100-199 hours50-99 hoursGold Award
    200+hours100+hoursPlatinum Award
  • What hours are not considered eligible for Class Day and Honors Day certificates?

    Hours not eligible: Vacation Bible School, Sunday School teaching, singing in church choir, etc. or any other hours associated with a faith-based place of worship; hours required for other campus organizations; personal Boy Scout or Girl Scout projects; and any hours accumulated from a for profit business.

    All community service hours must come from "not for profit" agencies and organizations.
  • What about volunteering around Jackson Prep?

    We love the idea that service begins at ‘home’ and Prep is your home! We welcome any work you do at Prep! Thank you! To earn a Community Service award at Class Days and Honors Forums please make sure that your hours reflect a percentage of no more than 50% of your hours coming from work done for Prep. So, if you have done 20 hours around Prep, make sure you have balanced your work with 20 hours in an agency in the surrounding community.
  • How Do I join the Upper School Service Club?

    Any upper school student in grades 10-12 may join Service Club. An Application Form is located below. The deadline to submit an application is September 10.
  • What are the requirements for Service Club?

    A student is required to attend 5 meetings and render 30 hours a year in service. A community partner is chosen each year in the upper school. This partner is a local agency in Jackson, or the surrounding area, that agrees to receive, schedule and educate our student volunteers regarding the agency mission in the community. The community partner concept is a two-way relationship of benefit. Service Club leads the upper school in service to the community partner. A student in Service Club completes each year having given at least 10 hours to the partner, 10 hours in service to Jackson Prep, and 10 hours to any other non-profit agency of interest in the local area. A member in good standing of Service Club senior year, with a record of 150 hours, (50 of which come from one focus area) is eligible for consideration of the Honor Cord for Community Service at graduation.
2007 - Stewpot
2008 - Mission First
2009 - Salvation Army
2010 - Lantern Medical Clinic
2011 - Mustard Seed
2012 - Neighborhood Christian Center
2013 - Boys and Girls Club
2014 - MS Food Network
2015 - MS Diabetes Foundation
2016 - Batson/Friends of Children’s Hospital
2017 - Canopy Children’s Solutions
2018 - Salvation Army
2019 - LeFleur Museum District
2020 - Joni & Friends
2021 - Joni & Friends
2022 - Shower Power
2023 - Mustard Seed

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