The Jackson Preparatory Impact Award for Excellence and Leadership

Presented formally or informally to students, faculty, parents or guests that display Excellence and/or Leadership at Jackson Prep. It can be awarded for a one-time act, event or for a sustained period. The award is to be worn by all to graduation ceremonies or any Prep event to indicate they have distinguished themselves and have been recognized.

Upon presentation an explanation of the crest is explained to the individual and group present.

In the upper-left quadrant of the school’s crest appears a blue field with six white stars representing sacrificial service that typifies a Patriot, the school’s mascot; adjacent to this appears three acorns representing knowledge and the trivium, the ancient disciplines of rhetoric, grammar, and logic.  Beneath this appear four alternating red stripes, which represent the school’s foundational values of scholarship, service, character and leadership.  The final quadrant features the laurel wreath, the classical symbol for victory.  Above the four fields of the crest is the Latin word for excellence, which is the one-word motto for all of our school’s endeavors
An independent, coeducational day school serving preschool through grade twelve.