In the Global Leadership Institute, we provide a Mentor Program that we see as extremely valuable and important for our students. Students are encouraged to select an adult mentor during the summer prior to their sophomore year. The goal of the GLI Mentor Program is for students to form relationships with adults, other than their parents, who can provide insight and will invest in them during their upper school years and beyond.
As part of the GLI Mentor Program, mentors and mentees engage in the following activities:

  • Students select a personal mentor and/or a professional mentor. 
  • Mentors make a three year commitment, staying with the student from 10-12th grade.
  • Mentors attend a brief Mentor Orientation.  
  • Mentor/Mentee breakfasts held twice a year at Prep for each grade, gender specific.
  • Mentor/Mentee breakfast peakers such as Maggie Wade, Barbie Bassett, Chip Henderson, Andy Taggart, and Sen. Philip Gunn.
  • Students practice public speaking and leading an event by leading breakfasts, welcoming guests, and introducing the speaker.
  • Mentors/Mentees encouraged to meet outside of school.
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