Note From the Editors

In the current state of the world, sometimes the hardest thing to do is create. Creation is vulnerable. We cannot create without sharing our experiences, and we cannot connect without opening the door for judgment. That is why earthwinds is so powerful. For fifty-one years, Jackson Prep students have said, “This is our poetry, this is our art, this is what it means to exist, to create,” and for fifty-one years the earthwinds staff has taken these sentiments and made something tangible. I am proud to be a part of that legacy, and inspired by Prep students for their ability to keep creating. I hope that in your reading of this issue, the vulnerability of our students creates a space for self-reflection. Not only about our own space in this world, but about others. Despite everything, keep creating.

Trinity Scalia
Livvy Robertson
     Poetry Prose Editor
Mary Robinson Coco
     Design Editor

Earthwards 2022, Volume 51

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