2020 Earthwinds

This year’s edition of earthwinds differs from the previous editions of our magazine; given the circumstances, how could it not? Though the coronavirus pandemic has prevented us from being on campus together, our staff has continued to work at a distance to produce the magazine that the Jackson Prep family knows and loves. Though we could not celebrate our publication with earthwinds coffeehouse this year, we hope you will enjoy your copy of our magazine and a cup of coffee, or your beverage of choice, on your front porch. This year’s edition embodies the perspectives of Jackson Prep students and features a few poems directly inspired by covid-19. We are not afraid to tell anyone what this virus has taken from us and share the thoughts that, without this publication, would be hidden in a notebook in our closet.

Ainsley Sinclair
An independent, coeducational day school serving grades six through twelve

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