Note From the Editors

The 2021 Earthwinds staff was presented with a wonderful opportunity: celebrating the 50th anniversary of Prep’s literary and art journal. We did not take our task lightly—we wanted to honor and continue the rich legacy of our predecessors. This golden anniversary edition of Earthwinds offers words and images that move through time. From the black-and-white simplicity of the seventies to the vibrancy of the nineties to the contemporary Earthwinds that has made its name nationally known, we have taken a journey through the life of the magazine. These pages contain a deeply-rooted love for words that has grown abundantly over the last fifty years. We hope you enjoy the movement through time in this 50th edition of Jackson Preparatory School’s Earthwinds.

Ainslee Johnson
Belle Grace Wilkinson
     Poetry Prose Editor
Kennedy Maloney
     Art and Photography Editor

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